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Tech Support

Directed by Kris Lefcoe

Produced by Shawn Hainsworth and SHP Comics

Based on the comic: The SEX-6000 Issue #1 Dominance Level 4

Running Time: 10 minutes


Cast - This will be a SAG Production


Milton Fleznik, a short, overweight, balding man in his fifties. Milton works an uninteresting corporate job, has been married for 30 years with no children. Milton is extremely shy around other people but has long cultivated sexual fantasies which he is afraid to pursue.

Alana, a female sex robot. We are not looking for a highly sexualized actor. The most important qualities for this part is physical comedy and comic timing.


Jill, a customer support technician in her early thirties.


Location and Timing


We plan on shooting in May or June depending on cast availability.  The shoot will be two days for Milton and Alana, and half a day for Jill.

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